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In case the handpan you ordered is damaged upon delivery, customer has the right to return it to Fropan and we will send you a new handpan. However, you need to claim the damage within 3 days upon delivery. Otherwise, the delivery company will not cover the return delivery cost and the customer has to bear this cost him or herself. Unfortunately, we do not offer a refund policy, only exchange.


Once you've placed and paid for your order, we need two weeks of production time before we ship the handpan. The shipping time indicated in your order is from the moment we ship the handpan, therefore keep in mind to add two extra weeks to the delivery time. Before we ship your handpan, we will send you videos of the handpan to make sure that everything is in tune and that you confirm the handpan is ready for shipping. When you fill out your shipping info, please include your full name, full address, post code, phone number and email.


Customers are responsible for paying customs fees in their respective countries. If you need more information about customs fees and payment transaction fees, please make sure to contact us before you place your order.

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