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Fropan Pro E Kurd 10 notes Stainless

Scale: E Kurd 10 (including Ding)
Notes: (E) B C D E F# G A B D
Size: 56cm
Steel: Stainless 1mm

E Kurd scale provides a deep, emotive sound perfect for creating expressive and touching music which is ideal for meditation and yoga sessions. It has a nice balance between low and high frequency and natural notes progression. It's also quite easy to play and jam with other instruments like guitar or piano.

Stainless steel Fropan is renowned for its durability and resistance to rust, making it suitable for various climates. It offers longer sustain, brighter tones, and a wider dynamic range compared to nitrided steel, enhancing its musical capabilities and making it ideal for playing beautiful, meditative melodies.

The Fropan Pro is crafted by our expert team to deliver rich, harmonious tones. Whether you're a musician or just starting out, this handpan offers a unique musical experience. Made from high-quality stainless steel, it is built to last, ensuring years of play without the need for retuning. Each note is perfected for an exceptional playing experience, allowing you to effortlessly create beautiful music.

An upgraded soft bag is provided.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Delivery charges are additional and not included in the price. Please add the item to your cart to view delivery options and pricing on the cart page. Make sure to select the correct color gold or silver before completing checkout.

Fropan Pro E Kurd 10 notes Stainless

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  • In case the handpan you ordered is damaged upon delivery, customer has the right to return it to Fropan and we will send you a new handpan. However, you need to claim the damage within 3 days upon delivery. Otherwise, the delivery company will not cover the return delivery cost and the customer has to bear this cost him or herself. Unfortunately, we do not offer a refund policy, only exchange.

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